The best looking food to take pictures about
The best looking food to take pictures about

To all those who wish to feed their accounts on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, a beautiful gastronomic photograph of a country can bring back many views and likes. It can even bring you money if you own a website which you advertize and monetize via a partnership such as

Capturing in just a few clicks the photos of one's food means first that the aesthetic of the dish is special. Second, it will make the others envy you for the chance you have to enjoy such a delight.

Third, it allows more visibility to the person who publishes it, especially if the quality and the frame is well chosen. Professional photographers can share some tips for a good picture of food; however if the photo is taken from the best places in the world, it doesn't matter whether you are amateur.

Dream destinations where you can get the best culinary photographs

All countries have a typical dish, a specialty that defines its identity and allows visitors or tourists to live an inescapable experience.

  •  The hamburgers of the United States: very popular all over the world, these hamburgers are diversified from one place to another because the ingredients and accompaniment depend on the chef's recipes. In addition to the aesthetics of hamburgers, the taste is incomparable, especially those of the old Louis' Lunch.
  •  Aki with salted fish in Jamaica: a dish dating back to centuries ago, the aki fruit brings a unique appearance to the dish. One sometimes does not want to taste the dish so as not to spoil it. However, you can't help digging it with your cutlery, its mixed taste of butter with nuts is mouth-watering, it is also accompanied by bammy and fried bananas.
  •  KebbĂ© from Syria: a mezze-based meal, KebbĂ© is a food made from minced lamb, bulgur and spices. It comes in different presentations: fried, round and oval shape. That offers an attractive appearance to the dish.
  •  Goulash in Hungary is the national dish of Hungarians, a kind of ragout that can satisfy the taste buds of all gourmands. A mixture of beef (or another meat), vegetables and onions as well as spices, it looks like spicy dishes from India yet it has a special scent.
  •  Wiener Schniztel from Austria: a very simple and easy-to-cook dish, always served chilled, sometimes served with potato salad. With its frying and zest of parsley and lemon, the aesthetic is just perfect.

Photographs that mark time and tease taste buds

A good dish that awards you various merits does not always mean that it is expensive. It is true that to have quality, you have to disburse some money.

However, simple dishes with a unique dressage can delight you, your eyes, your taste buds as well as your camera lens. Moreover, the most important thing is the flavor and the cooking.

The freshness of the food plays a big role when ordering within local cuisine for the sake of taste and health. However, the dressage is also as important for a good memory captured in the camera, as the food is going to disappear, forever.

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