The most beautiful pastries in the world

The most beautiful pastries in the world

The most beautiful pastries in the world

When you celebrate an important event, you usually end the reception meal with pastries. The atmosphere is more enjoyable especially if the pastry looks beautiful.

Delicious pastries may include some basic ingredients, like sugar, chocolate, and cream. Beautiful pastries are not only a feast to the eyes, but it is also a great pleasure to taste. Discover a few picks from the most beautiful pastries in the world.

Beautiful pastries around the world

  • Choux pastry swans: The pastry is a real delight to see. It is from China. The pastries are shaped like swans, with long necks and little tails. The swan feathers are made of Chantilly cream. The choux pastry is made of flour and eggs. If placed on a light blue dish, the pastry swans look like swimming swans. It is lovely.
  • Brown chocolate cake: This beautiful pastry from Germany is made of chocolate cake, topped with white Chantilly cream and strawberries. The main ingredients include flour, chocolate, egg yolks and vanilla extract. The sight of the strawberries with their green leaves on the white cream over the brown cake makes you think of seeing a beautiful flower in the snow. It is so marvelous!
  • Rainbow cake: It is catchy to see the different colors of the rainbow cake from India. The dough is shaped like a disc of different colors. The cake is endowed with many layers with 6 colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, purple. It is simply amazing! The main ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar and vanilla extracts. The frosting on the top consists in icy sugar.
  • Fruit tart pastry: French cuisine is so popular for its taste. Still, this fascinating pastry is made of pastry on the base and fruits for the topping. The tart dough is flat and is formed like a disc. When the tart is ready, fruits are delicately set on top of it. For the most beautiful fruit tart, you need to use fruits of different colors. This includes strawberries, raisins or blackberries, sliced kiwis, oranges and cherries.
  • Strawberry shortcake: Japan's pastry is also awe-inspiring. The main ingredients include strawberries, peaches, whipped cream, syrup and sponge cake. The white cake contains sliced strawberries and peaches. The pastry is covered with whipped cream, and to finish, it is decorated with strawberry halves. It looks yummy!
  • Yule log: It is usually catchy to see yule log. It originates in England, but it has become popular in many parts of Europe, especially France. The cake looks like a tree log, which is brown or white. If it is white, it resembles a snow-covered tree. The log is covered with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate or milk chocolate. To finish, the log is decorated with a few green leaf pastries and other eye-catching marvels.

Travel the world to discover beautiful pastries

It is so mesmerizing to see beautiful pastries from around the world. Each country has their unique creativity as far as pastries are concerned. If you are interested in discovering more beautiful pastries from other parts of the world, it is recommended to visit the country.

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